Good day! We hope this finds you all well and happy. We are happy to share our partner Stoooc‘s C to C products. We have released C to C apps in Japan, and now we have expanded our clients in Silicon Valley. Click here to see our C to C products. 


What is C TO C (C2C) Matching?

C to C Matching E-commerce is a revolution that connects users to users. It has changed the world’s vision on traditional business model in recent years. Just like Airbnb and Uber, for examples, its so convenient and anyone can download their apps to use daily bases.


According to the Telecommunicate document of 2017 by MOFA, the C2C markets like “Uber” and “Airbnb” are going to increase its size to 335 billion dollars in 2025 from 15 billion dollars in 2013. Therefore, this is a very potential business model to pursue, and our company’s direct focus is on this future market especially the market called “c2c@place” which allows users to meet each other at a designated place.

Where are our team members?

We have teams around the world, our CTO of #StartupFire lives in Silicon Valley, some engineers live in North America, Japan, and our over 790 developers are working in Vietnam. Recently, where we are is not so important, we can always email or have video chat anytime online, and developing the products need to be done very fast with great teams.

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