Serial entrepreneur Dr. Hashimoto, President of TaqTik Health Inc.

Good day! It was raining but now fine in Palo Alto. I had an amazing meeting with Dr. Hashimoto, who president of TaqTik Health Inc. Dr. Hashimoto is a famous serial entrepreneur originally from Japan, and based in Silicon Valley. He had IPO in Japan in 2003, then migrated in Silicon Valley. Now he is running TaqTik Health Inc., which is ‘One Stop Service for Medical Travelers’.

 Great meeting with Dr. Hashimoto in Palo Alto

医師であり、日本で上場経験のあるシリアルアントレプレナーの橋本氏が、シリコンバレーで手がける医療観光スタートアップTaqTik Health Inc. パロアルトでミーティングしました!

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