Do you know Fukuoka City a.k.a. Startup City?

Have you ever been to Fukuoka City, in Japan? Or do you know Fukuoka City is now known as the hottest place for startups in Japan?

Today, i had an amazing meeting with Mr. Rocky Tokunaga, Executive Director of Fukuoka Center for Overseas Commerce in America (FCOCA), at Plug and Play in Sunny Vale. FCOCA runs the website He is the great connector between Fukuoka and Silicon Valley.

Fukuoka Center for Overseas Commerce in America (FCOCA) provides free expansion and relocation assistance and partner matching services to companies throughout North America interested in taking advantage of the market opportunities in Western Japan. FCOCA is a division of the Government of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and our services are completely FREE.

Fukuoka City is known as Startup City Fukuoka. Please read to know more here.

We both have many common interests and businesses. We both want to make everyone happy and we like to support many companies. Rocky san helps the companies from Fukuoka Prefecture, to expand their businesses in Silicon Valley, and other places around US. He also supports US companies to enter businesses in Fukuoka Prefecture.

 Beautiful day as usual, we had a great discussion at Plug and Play in Sunny Vale


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