Diversity of Dreamers like #StartupFire at 42

On 15th of February, we hold #StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley. We had over 100 dreamers came to our event. We really appreciate to everyone who came and supported. Especially all speakers, performers, who inspired all participants together, and thanks so much 42 for letting us use the amazing facility, and provided foods and many students helped us.

This is totally my passion to organize #StartupFire, and bring everyone get together and have a fun. I do this because i love it, and i do this because i like to see everyone’s BIG Smile. And I do this for ❤️

I believe in one of the most important thing to provide the innovative atmosphere is bringing many different kinds of people in the one place together. Yet, i also know that not great impact you can bring if there is only different kinds of people, what we really need is we need to invite ‘Diversity of Dreamers’ in the same place same time. And how you connect those people together is not too easy, but i wanted to try something cool with my crew.

This time, i wanted to try something new, and bring more HIPHOP flavor into Startup event. So i asked my HIPHOP crew KAZOKU (it means Family in Japanese) to perform to entertain audience.  As we call #FreeMovement by #StartupFire, we like to save the world by changing people’s minds, more free, feel free, think free, act free…..free to love, free to do things you wanna do, so we act HIPHOP to express our freedom in front of audience….real free-stying♪

We KAZOKU actually made the song for especially this event at 42.

Our song is called as 58 42.

Lyrics of our HOOK…

For the gang Free Game for the gang (✖️4)

Keep it real, 58 ➕42 (100)
Keep it real, 58 and 42 (100)
Keep it real, 58 42 (100)
Keep it real, 58 42 (100)

 Lil Space a.k.a. JJ Spacely from KAZOKU

Check his new song This Time

PARAGON from KAZOKU rapping with his lovely daughter♪

Check his many songs here

Once again, we all appreciate to so many Diversity of Dreamers, many entrepreneurs, students from around the world.

Many 42 students participated and met many entrepreneurs

Great networking time

 Happy to many smiles ^^


 Dr. Tanaka, who is one of my mentors from Harvard Business School, also participated. He is the one introduced me to 42 Silicon Valley. Really appreciate!!!

 Japanese entrepreneur Mr. Sasaki, who was selected TOP20 Startups by Japanese Government for HIYAKU Project, sent to Silicon Valley.

Ms. Tamami Ushiki participated in our event with her business partners, she i City Chapter Director, Startup Grind Tokyo.

 I love Alan’s BIG SMILE ^^ haha He was amazing host!!! Thanks brother!!!

We ❤️ you. #FreeMovement by #StartupFire.

#StartupFire is the place for dreamers!!!! 


Our Next Event will be held in VAULT, in San Francisco on 6th of March.

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