Radrix is now in Silicon Valley

Our partner Radrix Co., Ltd is now in Silicon Valley from Fukuoka, Japan. Radrix is a university-originated startup from Kyushu Institute of Technology. They design and develop digital wireless communication systems including wireless LAN. They are selected in one of the TOP20 startups to be sent to Silicon Valley by Japanese government. The project is called Hiyaku Next Enterprise.

Hiyaku Next Enterprise  is a part of Silicon Valley-Japan Bridge Project, a sublet of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI). This program targets SMEs from all over Japan with cutting-edge technologies and excellent ideas, and provides them with necessary human networks and knowledge required for global expansion.

Dr. Tatsumi Uwai, CTO of Radrix, Me, Leonardo in Palo Alto

Dr. Uwai was practicing of pitching for #StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley on this Thursday (15th of February). Their startup, and technology is amazing! 

#StartupFire advisors are giving Radrix honest feedback to improve on the pitching skills. We are always here to support startups! 


Dr. Uwai will be pitching at #StartupFire at 42 Silicon Vally on this Thursday (15th of February).


Interview with Dr. Hiroshi Ochi, CEO of Radrix Co., Ltd 

‘ Industrial Wireless LAN system’


Startup Events in Silicon Valley

13 to 14th of February:  Startup  Grind 

15th of February: #StartupFire at 42

16th of February:  Startup & Investor Meetup (#StartupFire)

6th of March: Startup Pitching & Mentoring 

12th of April:  Startup World Cup  US West Coast Regional 

11th of May:  Startup World Cup  Grand Finale

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