Speed Mentoring – Startups & Various Investors: Role Play

Are you bored with the average panel speeches and pitching events in the valley? Are you looking to raise funds or looking for great founders to work with?

You are invited to meet investors and pitch at our event, in from of founders who closed their series A or have done ICO, angel investors, Japanese venture capitalists, corporate venture capitalists, and independent venture capitalists.
More than 20 investors including partners from Garage Venture, Cisco Venture, Sozo Venture, Diamon Tech Venture, Bay Angels, HBS Angels, etc; will join as speakers & mentors or audience!


March 6, San Francisco 18:00~21:00 at The Vault, 415 Jackson St, San Francisco

Food and drinks are provided, RSVP early.

This exciting role-play pitching& mentoring event is something new and fun. If you are an early startup founder, get excited, because you will not just see how the successful founders pitched their way to something big, you will also learn the pro’s and con’s and do’s and don’ts in fundraising from four different types of investors. It is not the average boring pitching events you see in the valley every day. We embrace the well-known game rule here, go big or go home.
We will allow a limited number of seed stage startups to pitch, and receive speed mentoring right on the spot.(If you are in IOT, AI, BlockChain business, and want to apply to pitch, please send your startup name and homepage to hi@leadforcareer.com Now 2 spots left. Hurry up! )
If you are planning to start a company, or currently raising fund, or plan to find startups to invest, or you want to take a part in the real-life Silicon Valley show, get some pizza, beer, wine or soft drink, and learn something nobody would ever teach you? Come join us.
Due to the popularity of the topics and speakers, we are expecting 90~120 people join this event. Book your ticket now before we are sold out!

•Topics will include:

1) What’s the difference between VC and CVCs, (Target, stage )
2)The benefit to talking to VCs that are famous, and VCs that are less famous, (big funds VS. Small funds )
3)Foreign funds VS. US funds — not just about going into a certain market
4)Angels VS. VCs — Following series A or later round matters?
5)Startup pitching, seed mentoring role play

Organized by Lead and #StartupFire,  Silicon Valley Ventures

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The Vault, 415 Jackson St, San Francisco

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