Saturday Picnic in Palo Alto

Good day! I hope this finds you all having great Saturday or Sunday or maybe still Friday? We went for a walk for one hour and had a lunch there. We had amazing conversation as well, always great to walk in nature with great friends.

Beautiful weather in Palo Alto.

Eating in nature tastes so much more delicious, why??

By the way, we have created next #StartupFire event page on Facebook, see you all there. Come Dream With Us, Lets Save the world, Coz Love is the Answer ❤️

#StartupFire Event Page on Facebook 


Finnish Curry in Palo Alto

Our entrepreneur friend made Finnish Curry for dinner in Palo Alto tonight. Amazing taste!!!! Taste so much love ❤️  Most fun time to get together and have a great meal and talk with great friends! Have a great weekend everyone! cheers! 

32 Fahrenheit Japanese bistro in Menlo Park

We went to have a dinner at 32 Fahrenheit Japanese bistro in Menlo Park again. We had such a great time there last week!!!!!

Why? Even we had some food already at Rosewood Sandhill, i asked my entrepreneur friend to go there again. Because i wanted to see the big smile of the owner there. He is one of the kind, such a nice person!! His smile makes everyone so happy ^^

Of course, the sushi there is so yummy!! Interesting thing is their sushi is very creative as well. Never seen such a sushi rolls but taste so good.

When we were enjoying food and conversation, the owner Barry joined us and we started to drink wine, sake, beer, and talk with him.

Barry told us ‘making customers happy is the most important’. And i added ‘Making everyone happy is more important than making money’. We became great friends and really enjoyed there.

Also they have Karaoke, so you can sing songs♪

Please visit 32 Fahrenheit Japanese bistro.

Creative sushi rolls- chef’s inspiration is great!! also tastes so good.

Fresh sushi- we dnt need to go back to Samurai Land anymore?

 Tataki beef with a little spicy- so yummy!

32 Fahrenheit Japanese bistro in Menlo Park

Address: 604 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone number(650) 384-6882


#StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley

We are thrilled to announce that our next #StatupFire will be held at 42 Silicon Valley from 6PM to 9PM on 15th of February.



#StatupFire is the innovative event, where everyone meets in Silicon Valley. Startups, Angels, VCs, incubators, accelerators, engineers, students, all dreamers are welcome.

Why #StartupFire is so different from another Tech events?

Because we do organize #StartupFire for LOVE ❤️

Last event, we made sushi together, and participants also brought many kinds of food, and we shared our food, vision, happiness together. We like to create the new Love movement from our event. Making everyone happy is more important than making money. Our Innovation donation box was filled with so much Love from our participants. Thank you so much again for all of your support.

#FreeMovement by #StartupFire

‘Innovations for a healthier life’  by John Kojiro Moriwaka (co-founder & CDO of #StartupFire)


Cost: FREE

Bring your DREAM and friends to #StartupFire.

We appreciate to 42 to give us the great space for our event.


Registration: Please register by Facebook & Eventbrite

Press ‘Going’ on our Facebook Event page.

Buy Free Ticket on Eventbrite

Capacity: 200 Participants

100 guests from Facebook & Eventbrite
100 students from 42

* There is a large parking area at 42



42 Silicon Valley –Address6600 Dumbarton Cir, Fremont, CA 94555

To know more about 42, enjoy reading my blog ‘ Where is the Heaven in Silicon Valley?


Greetings & Special talk by #StartupFire Co-founder & CDO

Prof. John Kojiro Moriwaka will talk about ‘ Vision of saving the world #FreeMovement’ by #StartupFire: Entrepreneurship & Innovation’

Special Speaker Talk 

We have Special speaker Mr. Elton Satusky, who is attorney at WSGR. Elton Satusky is a partner in the Palo Alto office of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He specializes in public and private corporate finance and corporate law and governance. Elton also has considerable expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and venture capital.

Elton will take about ‘How to raise funds for your startups’. His talk will be a very important lesson for all entrepreneurs.


Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) is a law firm in the United States that specializes in business, securities, and intellectual property law. The firm’s Senior Partner and Founder Larry Sonsini, is well known as an attorney and advisor to technology companies.

WSGR provides legal services to technology, life sciences, and growth enterprises worldwide, as well as the venture capital firms, private equity firms, and investment banks that finance them. The firm’s clients operate in a range of technology industries, including the biotech, communications, digital media, energy, financial services, medical devices, mobile, semiconductor, and software sectors.

Among the firm’s clients are, Autodesk, Expedia, Google, Hewlett-Packard, HTCCorporation,JuniperNetworks, LinkedIn, Mylan, Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, and The firm also represents companies in new, fast-growing sectors of the technology economy, including Box,  CrowdStrike, Invuity, Instacart, Juno Therapeutics, Mesoblast  OnDeck Capital, Solar City, Square, Sunrun, and InWith Corp.


“StartupFire is honored to welcome two innovative startups from Japan.

Hiyaku Next Enterprise  is a part of Silicon Valley-Japan Bridge Project, a sublet of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI). This program targets SMEs from all over Japan with cutting-edge technologies and excellent ideas, and provides them with necessary human networks and knowledge required for global expansion.

Startup CEO Pitch 

Mr. Tsuyoshi Fukuya, CEO of WEFABRIK , will pitch about his startup. WEFABRIK Inc. owns and operates an online B2B (Business to Business) flea marketplace for textile and fashion industry.

WEFABRIK is selected as TOP20 Startups to be sent to Silicon Valley by Japanese Government in 2018.

Tsuyoshi has worked at hugest textile trading company in Japan for 10 years. At that time, he became to have doubts that he has planed and produced and left so many inventories and wasted those my own products. After resignation the trading company , he started a business and started up B2B global platform will connect companies that want to dispose inventory and companies who want to buy clothes in stock with cheaper price.

Startup CTO Pitch

Dr. Tatsumi Uwai is the CTO of Radrix, a university based venture company that specializes in wireless communications. Radrix is selected as TOP30 Startups to be sent to Silicon Valley by Japanese Government in 2018.

Tatsumi started his career as a SW engineer for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting.For his doctorate, he researched about next generation wireless LAN. His vision is to make innovation for industrial wireless communication and robot control. Now, Radrix fulfills this vision by developing various wireless systems for industry with Kyushu Institute of Technology.

Startup CEO Pitch

Growth Hacking successfully from scratch by Mr. Alan Cruz  CEO & Founder of  eJournal app. He made it spread all around the world without spending a lot of money with advertising.

He was selected by TechCrunch for the ”Crunchies Awards”(The Oscars of Startups and Technology) as one of “The Most Interesting, Creative and Successful Exhibitors”.

A social network to connect people locally.
Engage with the local community, local businesses, local news.. local stories at that moment.

Download the app ↓↓↓

 Startup CEO Pitch

Dr. Sean Huver, CEO of Deep Science, a top startup in the recent Alchemist Accelerator class. Deep Science is revolutionizing the use of AI in the security industry by performing realtime threat detection. Their AI has been trained to spot robberies as theyre occurring and to get help immediately. They have 4 upcoming pilot projects with top 100 retailers.

Intrapreneur Pitch

Mr. Masashi Machida, intrepreneur from Panasonic R&D company of America in Silicon Valley. Founder of grownUp which is a C2C platform that allows mature adults to mentor younger adults who are seeking advices and perspectives on their life decision.

Greetings & Special Talk by #StartupFire CTO

Greetings & Special talk from #StartupFire CTO Mr. Andrew Janssen.
‘3 lessons from working for Facebook & Google’.

Special Introduction about Slush

Ms. Elsa Maria Snellman is “Digital anthropologist with a knack for a well-turned phrase. Chief News Editor at Slush“.

Slush: Started from the Grassroots, now we’re here.

She will be speaking about the Slush community and how the community built around local student’s enthusiasm has became one of the major player’s in the startup world in Finland and beyond



HIPHOP Live Performance

Bay-area’s HIPHOP Group ‘KAZOKU‘ Live Performance???

Dj Domo




Mr. Alan Au  will be hosting #StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley. Alan has taught English in South Korea and has spoken at public speaking events while abroad. Prior to that he completed a degree in Civil Engineering. At the moment, he works in a large social media company and is excited to host for this #StartupFire event.


#StartupFire Partners 

Evolable Asia 

Silicon Valley Ventures 


Moriwaka Medical 


Time Table:  15th of February, 2018

Open & Networking: 6PM to 6:30PM

Greetings & Special talk from #StartupFire Co-founder & CDO: 6:30PM to 6:40PM

Special Introduction about Slush: 6:40PM to 6:45PM

Startup CEO Pitch  : 6:45PM to 6:50PM

Startup CTO Pitch: 6:50PM to 6:55PM

Startup CEO Pitch: 6:55PM to 7:00PM

Startup CEO Pitch: 7:00PM to 7:05PM

Intrapreneur Pitch: 7:05PM to 7:10PM

SpecialTalk ‘How to raise funds for your startups’ : 7:10PM to 7:35PM (20 Min Talk & 5 Min Q&A)

Greetings & Special talk from #StartupFire CTO: 7:35PM to 7:45PM

HIPHOP Live Performance by KAZOKU : 7:50PM to 8:05PM

Free Pitch Time: 8:05PM to 8:20PM:  *Participants are free to grab microphone to pitch your startups, ideas, introduce yourself to everyone. Each person has 2mins to pitch.

Group Photo Time: 8:20PM to 8:30PM

Networking Time: 8:30PM to 9:00PM

Come Dream with us at #StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley

Lets Save the World.

Love is the Answer ❤️


Samurai entrepreneurs

We are discussing C2C business to change the world at Rosewood Sand Hill. My great friend Taku finished his entrepreneurship course at UC Berkeley and became an entrepreneur, who is starting C2C startup.

#StartupFire provides C2C platform development, click here to know more.

Where is the Heaven in Silicon Valley?

I was taken to the heaven in Silicon Valley by my HBS friend Dr. Greg Tanaka. It was my first time to visit the real heaven. As you all might know already, Silicon Valley is the hub of innovation, but its not heaven. There are so many angels, VCs, incubators, accelerators, lawyers, but all cost a lot or take your equity. Its business and everyone understands that all great services cost a lot.

Most famous and greatest Universities like Stanford, Berkeley, and Y Combinator, 500 startups, likewise, Draper, Singularity University, of course you have to pay or give equity to the schools.

So where is the real heaven here?

The heaven called as 42.

Free Education, Free food, free accommodation! Can you believe? 

Amazing 42 of Co-founder, and team members

Dreamers from all over the world. No teachers, no books, no tuitions

Very friendly Admin office 

I always believe in education is the key to change the world. Also it should not cost too much. How come many students borrow student loans to go to famous Universities? Its so old fashion, we can say its not cool, very old school.

’42 is the place, all dreamers can come and enjoy studying with their pace.’

They can learn by themselves, and also can find great friends as well. There is no teachers. I believe in life everyone you meet is actually teachers. No matter what how you call your people… 42 is better than best University.

Good News!!!

Next #StartupFire will be held at 42 from 6 to 9PM on 15th of February. 



Panelists from ExploraMed:

Dave Amerson
NeoTract Interventional Urology at TeleflxRobert Anderson
ExploraMedEb Bright
President & General Counsel
John Chang
Founder & CTO
Willow/ExploraMedBill Facteau
Chairman, President & CEO
Earlens CorporationTed Lamson

Moderated by David Cassak, managing partner, Innovation in Medtech LLC.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
5:30 p.m.–7:00 p.m.

Paul Berg Hall
Li Ka Shing Center
291 Campus Drive, Stanford

Click here to register
General Admission: $40

A special thank you to The Fogarty Institute and WSGR
Tracy Lefteroff Memorial Event


I attended in PENINSULA FINANCE AND INVESTMENT LUNCH at Morgan Stanley Offices in Menlo Park today. The Peninsula monthly Finance and Investments lunch is a casual lunch where HBS Alums can discuss current financial markets and brainstorm personal portfolio strategies. This small informal group meets generally every fourth Thursday from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Speaker: Dan Beck
Topic: Interest Rates and their direction
Dan Beck will discuss widely held beliefs about interest rates and their direction and what this means for bond returns. Roots of those beliefs will be explored, then how those beliefs are often unknowable and mostly false will be explained. He will review current economic indicators, the role of economic actors (including what the Federal Reserve does and doesn’t do), and economic history. It will be both interesting and educational, covering the economy and fixed income markets, and, most importantly, provide actionable information for fixed income investing.

Conclusion ‘keep your bond allocation in accordance with your risk tolerance’


Innovative platform for medical device sales

Its such a beautiful day in Silicon Valley today, even its a bit cool. I had an amazing business meeting to understand more about Michael Jue’s startup docCheer. Micheal is Co-Founder of docCheer, and i was impressed by his great pitch at Alchemist Accelerator Demo Day last week.

As im one of the mentor of Alchemist Accelerator, CEO & CDO of Evolable Asia USA OFFICE, Executive Vice President & CIO of Moriwaka Medical, a member of Life Science Angels, and US-Japan MedTech Frontiers, i was very impressed by his great service.

docCheer helps medtechs sell more devices and increase their patient impact. They help identify target physicians, highlight those with the highest growth potential and surface customer-specific tactics to help close new business and defend accounts.

Me and Micheal at Rosewood Sand Hill, Menlo Park