Sound-checking for #StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley

We went to 42 Silicon Valley for sound-checking today. Great venue, greart sound system with great 42 family.

Why we checked the sound? Because we might do live performance at next #StartupFire at 42 on 15th of February♪

We have formed our Bay-Area HIPHOP Group ‘KAZOKU’ on 21st of January in San Francisco, and on the night we recorded our freestyle♪

Read our story about KAZOKU.

We really appreciate to 42 Family. They give us the great space for holding #StartupFire, and also provide foods & drinks……As i always like to organize the event, and not easy to find the great venue……They are so kind to prepare for the everything our guests need and enjoy the event. We both believe Education is the key to save the world, and  Love is the answer❤️

Always great to visit in 42, amazing place, design, and people!!!! so friendly and respectable 

Capacity: 200 Participants 

100 guests from Facebook & Eventbrite

100 students from 42 

* There is a large parking area at 42.

I bought 42 hoddie, and took a group photo with 42 family. 

Our HIPHOP Group ‘KAZOKU’ means Family in Japanese too.

Dj Domo will join #Startup Fire to welcome all guests by playing great music♪



Come Dream with us at #StartupFire at 42 Silicon Valley.
Lets Save the World.
Love is the Answer❤️

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