Where is the Heaven in Silicon Valley?

I was taken to the heaven in Silicon Valley by my HBS friend Dr. Greg Tanaka. It was my first time to visit the real heaven. As you all might know already, Silicon Valley is the hub of innovation, but its not heaven. There are so many angels, VCs, incubators, accelerators, lawyers, but all cost a lot or take your equity. Its business and everyone understands that all great services cost a lot.

Most famous and greatest Universities like Stanford, Berkeley, and Y Combinator, 500 startups, likewise, Draper, Singularity University, of course you have to pay or give equity to the schools.

So where is the real heaven here?

The heaven called as 42.

Free Education, Free food, free accommodation! Can you believe? 

Amazing 42 of Co-founder, and team members

Dreamers from all over the world. No teachers, no books, no tuitions

Very friendly Admin office 

I always believe in education is the key to change the world. Also it should not cost too much. How come many students borrow student loans to go to famous Universities? Its so old fashion, we can say its not cool, very old school.

’42 is the place, all dreamers can come and enjoy studying with their pace.’

They can learn by themselves, and also can find great friends as well. There is no teachers. I believe in life everyone you meet is actually teachers. No matter what how you call your people… 42 is better than best University.

Good News!!!

Next #StartupFire will be held at 42 from 6 to 9PM on 15th of February. 


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