New HIPHOP Group ‘KAZOKU’s You-Tube

We formed a new HIPHOP Group called as ‘KAZOKU’  in San Francisco on 19th of January, 2018. KAZOKU wants to make rap songs to save the world.

*KAZOKU means Family in Japanese.

KAZOKU in front of Bay Bridge in San Francisco

Xan Gray, Gifted, JJ Spacely, Paragon 

Please enjoy their Freestyling linked on You-tube above ↑↑↑

Gifted JJ Spacely #Paragon  

You can also listen KAZOKU Cypher on SOUNDCLOUD. 

Past mid-night, KAZOKU enjoyed freestyling in South-bay after chilling in SF♪

Xan Gray: Enjoy his SOUNDCLOWD

Gifted feat. Dirty R.A.Y [Down With Us] became No.1 Downloading song on Amazon in Japan 3 times in 2017.



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e-onkyo music


d Music




JJ Spacely: Enjoy his SOUNDCLOUD

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Pragon: Enjoy his SOUNDCLOUD


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